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No Place But Texas was created in 1996. We have been online for over 20 years. It was originally created to provide the best Texas links and information. We try to keep it updated as time allows. We have kept it up at the request of Texans. We spend our own free time and funds to keep this site going, but since the oil slump, I was laid off my job in 2016 and it is hard to support the site financially. If you would like to help keep it going, please use the Donate button and contribute anything you can. We truly appreciate it!

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Texas Veteran Portal
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Republican Party of Texas
Texas Dept. of Health

Who Is In Charge?

Since the Presidential election, it is now becoming evident to everyone as to what a mess of government is in. Who really controls the United States? Is it the President? Is it the bankers? Is it Wall Street? Is it a global cabal? Who really knows.

We all should get behind President trump and give him the opportunity afforded Obama. I am willing to bet he can turn things around.

So when did this all start? I believe this all began November 22nd 1963. Or that is when we lost control. the assassination of JFK killed the American dream until Reagan came along a breathed it back to life for a short time.

It is obvious that the mainstream media and other billionaire liberals have tried to buy the American people. I hope the election of Donald Trump shows these folks it can't be done.

Texas Travel

Travel Texas
Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Y.O. Ranch
Texas Travel Conditions
Texas Big Thicket
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"Things You Should Hear-Truth

Welcome to No Place But Texas. Visit our friends site, "Caravan to Midnight". John B. Wells is a Texas native and broadcast for Dallas. Take a look at "Caravan to Midnight"

The Texas Constitution


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Texas Jamm Band

Featuring Memebers of George Strait's "Ace in the Hole Band"

Travel Texas
Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Y.O. Ranch
Texas Travel Conditions
Texas Big Thicket
Tour Texas
Flying O Ranch(kennel)
Texas Outside
Fredericksburg Bed & Breakfast
South Padre
Amarillo Pages
Texas Travel & Tourism
Texas Hill Country
Port-Aransas WaterFront
Texas Society Hill

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PDF Road Map of Texas
Click on the Texas map and you will have a nice enlarging map of Texas with cities, towns and highways to get you started on your trip around the great state of Texas.

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JobBank USA
Texas Monthly
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Texas A & M
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Texas Gazette
Bastrop Christians
@Texas Home Page
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Fatal Texas Auto Crash Stats

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I am currently looking for an opportunity in Information technology. I am a highly dependable, results-oriented professional with a proven record of ability to manage and support information technology with 20 years of experience in this area. I have worked under the titles of, "Desktop Support", "Systems Specialist II", "Systems Administrator", Network Administrator", "Backup Manager", "Managed Print Services Lead " and " Help Desk Analyst". I have worked in Enterprise Networks, Medium Size Networks, Small Business Networks and personal home computers and networks. I am always present and available and take pride in being able to solve problems in the most effective, efficient and timely manner. I have worked side by side with CEO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and managers as well have the average everyday user. I have impeccable professional references and an exemplary work history. I have experience with all the major hardware manufacturers, including, HP, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba and clones. I have worked with CA Service Desk and Remedy ticketing systems.

Also in my career I have been a buyer for large media distributor. Coordinated Inventory for a government agency. Have been a merchandiser, inventory control and buyer for national retail chain. I worked retail in the entertainment media business. I have done web designed for several independent companies. The industries I have worked in are entertainment media, government, oil & gas, tooling manufacturing, electric utility, national print company. IT industries include, government, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing and personal computing. I prefer to stay in the Information technology field, but will look at other interesting opportunities. If you have an opportunity , email me at DwD@noplacebuttexas.com

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The election is finally over! I am shocked that the global-ist were defeated. This is truly a major shift for America. I myself was into real estate back in 2006 and read a lot of Trumps books. I wanted him to run in 2008 and told people so. Most all laughed like I was nuts. I know him through his writing and I had a gut feeling about him. I kept low key about him running in 2016, for I did not think he could overcome the corruption and the power brokers, but somehow it happened. Also I had to see how he would behave. Although there are some issues, he has hit the ground running and is getting things done. He has to undo about 12 years of bad administrations. Not an easy task.

I am so disappointed in the opposition to Trump. I went through 8 years of being very upset with the last administration, but did not riot, burn things, shout obscenities, hurt people and act like an anarchist. I went to work everyday, obeyed the law and paid my taxes. I expect the Clinton supporters to do the same. Stop acting like children, including the senators and congressmen on the far left. It's embarrassing!

I have listed here a few sites that I like to use for alternate news:

"The Drudge Report"
"Coast to Coast"
"Stop Big Media"

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