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Who Is In Charge?

Who is in charge? It does not appear that the federal government is in charge. If they are, they are incredibly dumb or just plain stupid. That includes senators, presidents, and house members. I would have to believe that they did not get where they are by being that ignorant. So that leaves only one other option. Some other group of people or social society is pulling the strings.

It is becoming increasingly evident that there is a U.S and most likely global group of big money and power that are pulling all the strings. Some would call this the illuminadi. This is brought to light by the illogical decisions being made.

So when did this all start? I believe it has been going on for a long time, but may have started taking root back around the term of George Bush 1. I think Reagan was too firm and had a great moral compass to allow such plundering.

It is also possible that us, the American voters have nothing to do with the outcome of the Presidential elections. This is evident by the media calling the primary races, way before it is even possible and all doing it within minutes of each other with less than 1% of the vote in! More to come...............

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Make America Great Again!
Why is the Mainstream Media scared of this Donald Trump?


The mainstream media is scared of Donald Trump because he speaks the truth. He is unfiltered. He speaks his mind. I agree he can come across brash, but at least his is willing to talk about the things the mainstream media won't. It is apparent that Jesse Ventura is not going to make a run. It's too late now. We must keep Hillary & Bill out of the White House at all cost. Trump at this point is the only option. I like the post I saw on social media. "Nobody for President" Shut down Washington and turn everything over to he states.

We need to be a "Constitutional Republic". Not an Oligarchy!

How people like Hillary can lie and break the law and get away with it is beyond me. If we allow this to continue, we will all be destitute and at the mercy of this now current oligarchy. We need to stand up and say no more! We can start by putting "The Donald" into the White House!

I have listed here a few sites that I like to use for alternate news:

"The Drudge Report"
"Coast to Coast"
"Stop Big Media"

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